Keith travels throughout the year to rodeos all over the country. A rodeo clown and specialty act not only entertains throughout the entire rodeo, but also servers as a spokesman for the rodeo committee. Whether itís a television appearance, a radio interview, or newspaper article, he is ready and able to provide the PR needed to sell tickets and publicize the rodeo. Through his traveling, promotional appearances and at the rodeos he works, he is seen by millions of people. The exposure that he receives and the exposure available to a sponsor is endless.

A variety of marketing tools are available to be utilized to advertise with the professional rodeo personnel. Here are some ideas you can use, but certainly not limited to:

Apparel: logos may be displayed on clothing wore before, during and after a rodeo performance. This gives a sponsor maximum exposure at rodeos.

Inside Rodeo Arena: (suspenders, patches, shirts) A rodeo clown is exposed to the crowd throughout the entire rodeo performance. Keith is directly responsible for approximately 20 minutes of the rodeo when he performs two comedy acts during each performance.

Outside Rodeo Arena: Long sleeve dress shirts are worn at promotional appearances such as TV, newspaper, radio and autograph sessions. Additionally, logos may be placed on various items such as caps, jackets and travel bags.

Personal Appearances/Promotional Pictures: Autograph signing sessions, in-store promotions and speaking engagements can be very beneficial in order to engage the attention of a specific market.

Promotional Pictures: Many times appearances are set up at rodeos to promote the event. Autographed pictures are given to fans at these appearances, which take place before and after the rodeo. Approximately 10,000 pictures a year are given away. This is a unique avenue for advertisement because the fans will see the logo long after the rodeo.

Print Advertisements: Photos and endorsements of products by professional rodeo personnel can be advertised in a wide variety of print media such as billboards, magazines, newspapers, trade publications in addition to Internet ads and posters.

Broadcast Media: Radio and television advertising can be used to promote the cowboys, the sponsorís products and the sport of rodeo to large area of viewers. Many times Keith is asked to help promote rodeos through interviews on radio and television. There are many opportunities for Keith to be available for these appearances.

Mobile Advertising: Signage on trucks, trailers and other vehicles are one of the best ways to advertise a product. Keith can become a traveling representative for your product. He can distribute literature or work with local dealers on promotions while he is at each rodeo. 

At the rodeo, Keithís trailer is parked as close to the arena as possible, so it can be worked out of during the performances. His props and equipment is stored there throughout the week. Many times interviews and stories with the media are conducted there also. Therefore, it provides a billboard during the week of each rodeo.

Marketing Opportunities - pdf format

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